logoOur Kindergarten implements an approved Queensland Government Kindergarten Program with highly experienced Early Childhood Teachers guiding the child through this important learning year. Our Kindergarten room is aiming to lay the learning foundations and instill a love of learning to your child so that it benefits them throughout their formal learning years and beyond.

The Kindergarten room focuses on providing an abundance of choices for the child so that they can tailor their learning to suit their interests. On any given day you might find a Kindergarten child involved in activities such as woodwork, water investigation, sand modelling, digging for worms in the mud patch,  collecting the chickens eggs, feeding the worms, climbing challenging obstacles, creating fantastic nature art or making a rock garden for the dinosaurs; and this is just in the outdoor yard!

Curriculum areas, such as maths, language, music, movement, art, science, culture and drama are embedded in our daily program through play opportunities. The child’s social development is also very important at this time (in preparation for school) so we support and guide children’s interactions as they develop and refine their own sense of self. Turn taking, sharing and participating in group activities are all highly encouraged.

Our large indoor/outdoor learning environments provide ample space for children to roam and explore. Carefully selected materials are set up to trigger child’s imagination and to provide a sense of wonder. The child’s investigations are then supported by staff, and they act as facilitators to extend child’s thinking as they embark on a journey of discovery together.


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