Our Team

At AWCC, our vibrant community is made up of a dedicated team of 18 qualified educators, Early Childhood Teachers, and kitchen staff, each bringing their unique expertise and passion to our Centre. We also have a diverse range of backgrounds within our team including staff from Japan, Norway, England, Argentina, Philippines, Brazil, and beyond. With some team members boasting over 20 years of experience within our service, we are proud to be a home away from home for both children and families.

At AWCC, we firmly believe in the adage that it takes a village to raise a child. That’s why our team is not just a group of professionals but a family-oriented community, committed to supporting each child’s growth and development every step of the way.

At Albert Waterways Children’s Centre, we prioritise staffing levels, often exceeding regulatory requirements by assigning an additional staff member in each room. Our commitment to maintaining high-quality care extends to our team’s professional development. Throughout the year, our fully qualified educators engage in various personal development opportunities, enhancing their skills and keeping our approach both innovative and effective.

Join us at AWCC, where our dedicated team is ready to nurture, inspire, and empower your child every day.