“Words can’t express how truly appreciative of the care and education provided to Annie-Rose when she was at the Centre. There weren’t too many days which she wasn’t so excited to attend pre-school – which as a working mum, is just so reassuring and comforting. All of the staff show such a great deal of passion and care for the children and their development and most certainly do a wonderful job of preparing children for school. I tell everyone I know that Albert Waterways is the best Kindy on the Coast….”

Louise Lucht


“I can’t recommend AWCC highly enough. The staff are enthusiastic, inspirational and dedicated education professionals. My child has blossomed in their care and left fully prepared for school. A wonderful place.”



“The Team @ Albert Waterways are the best we have found on the Gold Coast. They are passionate, attentive and most of all very good at what they do. Highly recommended and if we could give 10 stars, we would.”

Lachy & Akito


“Amazing staff, awesome fun atmosphere, all 4 kids have now attended AWCC and its kinda sad it’s our last one going through now. Many of the staff who were there when our oldest (now 14) started are still there now, says a lot for the centre to be able to retain their staff for so long. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING CHILDCARE. If there were 10 stars i’d be giving them that!”

Shannon Wilson


“A wonderful centre. Brilliant philosophy. Great staff. Happy kids”



“Albert Waterways Children’s Centre has been an important and continual part of my family’s lives for the last 8 years.

I have enjoyed being a part of the centre as both parent and a committee member and will surely miss the “family of extraordinary staff members who go beyond expectation with their care, support, nurturing and dedication to ensure every families experience within the centre is positive, enjoyable and memorable.

All of my 3 children have shared quality time and countless hours at the centre and have made wonderful friendships and memories from their time at Albert Waterways. They have built strong foundations from their early childhood education that will continue throughout their schooling years.

We can not recommend the Centre enough and will always look back on our time there with big happy smiles!”

Natalie Turner


“My daughter Maia Jay attended Albert Waterways for 4 years, she absolutely adored her teachers and her friends.
Sometimes she even wanted to go on weekends she had so much fun.

As a parent, I couldn’t have been happier with the attentive and affectionate staff. I could not ask for a better establishment to start her learning years.”

Michael Watson


“Maddie really enjoyed going to Albert Waterways. The staff and teachers are all really  lovely and she made so many friends with everyone. At Albert Waterways, Maddie would bring home art that she had made during her day and tell me all about the fun she had with her teachers and classmates. She especially loved learning about space :)”

Sinead Synott


“Luck was on my side the day we found this home away from home for Max. An oasis(and real live chickens) in this busy city, with staff who nurtured and cared for my son as if he was one of their own. So thankful.”

Olivia Flett


“Hi Tash,

I’m happy for Kindy and Pre-school to be all play and art based! I love hearing te stories that Sienna comes home with after pre-school, listening to her songs and looking at things she has made. She is constantly learning and enjoying her pre-school journey.

Once our kids start school, activities such as art and outdoor play are not so frequent and kids are stuck in the classroom for longer periods of time. My daughter Harper is thriving at school bit I’m positive her time at Albert Waterways would have contributed to this.

I think you all do a fabulous job in inspiring, educating and looking after our kids.”

Melissa Allen


“This is why I love Albert Waterways. I say, let them play – They ARE learning. Unfortunately, parents have been sucked in to all the hype and want “school” before they get to school. It’s all a competition. I’ve seen how much Prep has changed in the past few years. Believe me, this is the last bit of creative freedom our children will get! So, thank you. I love that Ava’s clothes have paint all over them and sand in her hair.”

Tracey Cassar


“We have had a fantastic time with her kindy! and have recommended it to everybody that we know with children. We absolutely love your centre and every staff member in it. I cannot speak highly enough of the time Layla has had there, and she has truly bonded so much to her teachers…”

Allira Caddies


“Wonderful centre. Staff are warm, happy, amazing! Children are well taken care of. Grounds are open, shady, welcoming and calm. We loved it for both our children.”

Katie Koseki


“I have been sending my children to Albert waterways for the past 10 years .All staff are always great with the children.. I know when I leave my children there they are in good hands…all of my children have great memory’s of there time at Albert waterways ..still now the older ones loves to come in and play around while we pick up our youngest child …I highly recommend this Centre ….all areas 100% …. And the kids love the food that is prepared by the Centre..”

Katie Young




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