Junior Kindy

Our Junior Kindy room is a mixed age group consisting of eight babies 0-2 years of age, ten 2-3 year olds and three 3-4 year olds. Our Junior Kindy room is unique and is highly successful offering play based learning to a mixed group of children with diverse abilities.


The older children have the opportunity to take on leadership roles, assume responsibility in ‘looking out’ for their younger peers, and foster their nurturing and empathic skills. It also encourages the children to be more responsible for their actions and body movements, taking care not to interfere with the younger children’s personal space.

For younger children it provides a more home-like setting which can be more comforting and also provides a challenge and opportunity for them to try new skills. Younger children are often engaged in more complex activities when interacting with older children as they observe and imitate their actions.

Our indoor/outdoor program (mornings and afternoons) provides control and choice for the child. They are able to focus their learning to specific areas of interests, giving them longer periods of time to be truly involved in their play. These special times of day also provide opportunities for siblings to interact with each other, helping to create a home like atmosphere.

Our experienced and fully qualified early childhood educators in this room and provide a warm, welcoming environment that will nurture and guide your child’s learning.



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